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Whether you want an awesome graphic designed, your website taken to the next level or blow up the social media channels….Today is THE day and I am ready for the challenge!  When you are ready to get started, we will consult in person, over the phone or through FaceTime if needed. I’ll ask you to tell me about yourself, your project, the vision…I’ll listen…take killer notes…ask you some amazing questions. I will then prepare and present you with a formal proposal that fits your exact needs. When you accept, the fun begins and together we go to work and make the magic happen.

Services available to you:


A brand is more than just a logo, it defines you and your company long before you ever shake hands with a Client.  Your first impression is made when a colleague recommends you and your website is visited to research your product or service.  Don’t wait until your first meeting, let’s put your best foot forward with your brand and knock your audience’s socks off.


Effective websites are vital to the success of your business. Sometimes, the only place a potential customer “meets” you is your website.  I design with your customer in mind and ensure that no matter how the visit – iPhone, iPad or laptop or desktop – your site will be optimized for customer’s experience will be exceptional. 


Utilizing Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and any other available social platforms can often seem overwhelming. I want to ensure your brand is being represented in a relevant manner on each social platform. An effective social media strategy will build a strong connection with your audience, resulting in increased engagement, brand awareness and consistent website traffic.


With the rapid increase and acceptance of digital media, print may seem obsolete, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.  While text and email have become the quickest way to communicate, I legitimately get butterflies in my stomach when I open the mailbox and see a handwritten card or letter.  A well designed business card or other luxury marketing piece can have the same effect when shared with a current Client or someone you want to impress.  Luxury paper products create a nostalgia for the “good ole days” and they are appreciated as a special touch and can be a great way to strengthen Client relationships.


Headshots may seem daunting, but you should not delay having your photograph taken.  People crave connection and if your website is lacking a personable photograph you may be missing out on important Clients.  Let’s discuss how to show off your personality, while maintaining the level of professional needed for your industry.


Are you a photographer that loves to shoot, but dreads designing your Client’s albums?  Dread no more…it’s one of my favorite things to do.  Creating a family’s story in album format brings me such joy and I would love to chat with you about how I can help make this a more manageable task in your business.

Here’s a quick snapshot of my latest designs…