Who determines your worth?

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Applicable to men and women… 

If you have to prove your worth to the opposite sex, they are NOT from God. Don’t walk, RUN AWAY!
If you have to prove your worth to the opposite sex, they are NOT from God!

I never understood the statement, “People only hurt you as much as you allow them.” That is the most factual statement I’ve ever heard. It only took me 43 years to understand it. Suppose you stay to understand someone’s actions once, maybe twice. OK. Everything is worth understanding before you unjustly judge. But when they are clearly not for you or protecting your heart, you are allowing them access to dig deep ditches of pain in your heart that will take years to heal.

Furthermore, if you stay, you will compromise things you never thought possible. You will miss out on the promises of God, and wounds God already healed will come gaping open again starting that healing process all over again!

Red flags come in all sizes, disguises, and eye colors!
PAY ATTENTION! Love and value yourself so you don’t turn a blind eye…it’s easy to do when you’re filling voids with something other than God. I promise all red flags will come back to bite you in the behind! Don’t let them.

Have a shiny, sparkly day!



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