You’re 15…

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Happy Birthday to the young man who captures my heart every time he smiles! Who brings joy and laughter wherever he goes.

Thank you for being a light to me and all of those around you…promise me you’ll always keep shining bright.

Aidan, today you turn 15…my heart just skipped a beat typing that. You’re in the home stretch on the way to adulthood. Can we slow down just a tad? I never realized having a son would be like a long, slow, drawn-out breakup, but as you mature and grow I realize you’re more ready to take on the world than I give you credit for. This mama’s heart just wants to slow done just a little bit.

I want to see you speeding down the street in your little Lighting McQueen car again. Or watching you giggle uncontrollably as papa would put you in the laundry basket and spin you around and around as the dogs would chase y’all barking! Or watch you chase butterflies down the soccer field instead of the soccer ball with your socks pulled up to your little thighs.

There was a void in my heart that I didn’t know existed until you were born. You mended my heart the day I held you and every year since then you have sealed it with love, joy and happiness.

Be patient with me over the next three years as you become more and more independent. I’m proud of you, but I’m sad you’re growing up. There are so many things I already miss and I will forever treasure our talks, our driving lessons, our shopping trips, our laughs and even our fights and especially listening to you strum your guitar.

Aidan, your father and I love you bigger than the sky, higher than the moon, you are our everything. Here are just a few things we want to remind you of:

  • Never stop being kind. Be the type of Kind that can be felt when you walk in a room.
  • Be a gentlemen with your words and your actions.
  • Always open a door for a lady.
  • Be proud of yourself, but don’t be prideful
  • Happiness starts within. Do not expect anyone else to make you happy.
  • You are never alone. Even when you feel alone, Daddy and I are always in your corner.
  • Forgive. Yourself first and then others. We are all in this together. Ask for forgiveness without an excuse, just own your mistake. Resentment makes you bitter and enslaves you, forgiveness sets you free.
  • Your attitude is always a choice.
  • Laugh a lot. Have fun.
  • Unplug and take in the world around you. The iPhone, iPad and everything electronic will still be there, don’t miss what’s happening because you’re looking at a screen. Embrace the silence, read, write, draw, think, listen to music, explore the outdoors, be your own company.
  • Sing loud, really loud….when you’re by yourself and with people.
  • Learn to love yourself now. It gets harder if you leave it until you’re older.
  • Be grateful. List the things you are grateful for everyday.
  • Expect to fail. Failure is not fatal. Learn the lessons, then get back up and try again.
  • Act with integrity at all times, especially when no one is watching.
  • Have outrageous dreams. You’ll be amazed at what comes true.
  • Choices lead, feelings follow.
  • Trust the Lord with all your heart, He will NEVER fail you, meet Him in the secret place and wait for His voice and you’ll always know the secrets to life.
  • You know The Way, The Truth and the Life so you never have to be lost and you can always find your way home.

Happy Birthday Aidan James! I LOVE YOU BIG!

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