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2020 has given me so much to be thankful for!


In a time where fear seems to be crippling our families, our community and our nation, I have chosen a different perspective. Chalk it up to naivety or trust in the Lord, I have actually enjoyed 2020. Here are a few things I am thankful for…

My son Aidan, he is such a joy and he makes me want to be better and do better. And while he’s with his Dad this Thanksgiving…I am thankful that he has a relationship with him. I’m grateful he is in Aidan’s life. While we started homeschooling back in 2019 before all the chaos of COVID, I have enjoyed immensely the extra time this has given us to spend together.

My chosen family is so much a part of me, I often forget they aren’t my “blood” family. If you don’t have a circle of people that “know” you and “no” you, FIND THEM! Run to the nearest small group at church and start praying for God to reveal them to you. It’s nearly impossible to stay humble and accountable without godly women speaking in to your life.

a few other things: being stretched, growth, learning to lean in to trust God fully, supernatural provision in the midst of a pandemic, faith to step up and step out in to what God wants for my life, release of fear – of man and what they think and honestly, fear of myself, of what I think of myself.

This time of quarantine and just an odd state our world is in, has exposed so many issues that needed to be addressed in each of us, in our relationships, in our leadership – regionally and nationally…I’m thankful for it. Because God brought so much out into the light. He is already exposing so much darkness and He is equipping us to help do the same.

In a time where a lot of people are scared and crippled, step out in faith and just ask the Lord to show you an attitude of gratitude and I truly believe you will begin to see the things that only could have happened during a pandemic of this magnitude.

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