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My food choices are pretty basic…If I knew I wouldn’t gain a million pounds, I would live off sushi, coke icees, kettle corn popcorn and Baby Ruth candy bars. I digress…

When I travel, I am always looking to fill my belly with the best sushi and when Orlando is your destination, you MUST eat at Sushi Katana. My cousin and I went to Orlando for the Buffett | Eagles concert (which was epic, BTW) so our first stop when we arrived was for SUSHI!

Because Sushi Katana is located at the Mall at Millenia and we were arriving in Orlando on Friday at 6:30, it was packed. We actually took the couch area in the back of the restaurant. It was my first time sitting back there and I loved it, so cozy and intimate. I started with a glass of their White Peach Saki. It was sooo good y’all! Cool, refreshing and light, was very smooth and went down easy. It paired perfectly with our squid salad, which was delicious…

I loved it so much, I had our sweet waitress give me the details so I could share with you. Hana White Peach Saki is totally where it’s at. If you’ve had this before, comment and let me know your thoughts. If you haven’t tried it, run to the nearest liquor store or grab a bottle online — Y’all…even the bottle is pretty!

Up next, we shared their squid salad! Typically when I order this at other sushi restaurants the squid is on top of sliced cucumbers. Personally, I prefer Sushi Katana’s presentation as I am not a big cucumber fan, however, from a visual perspective, it appears to lack compared to having the cucumbers, as it just fills the bowl better. However, it is so yummy!

Friday night I ordered the Volcano Roll and the Millennium Roll. I just love their presentation. Everything is always so beautiful!

The Volcano has tuna, asparagus and cream cheese, and is topped with avocado and spicy baked scallop and krab, masago, scallions. Y’all, I can’t even handle how good this roll is; you MUST try it if you’re ever in Orlando.

The Millennium roll is shrimp tempura, cream cheese and cucumber, topped with shrimp, avocado, eel sauce and scallions.

My cousin, Karlene decided to try the Big H Roll which is shrimp tempura, avocado and cream cheese, topped with baked spicy conch, krab, octopus and masago. It was good, but I am biased towards my selections. Hers definitely looked yummy, but I totally think the flavors in mine mixed better and just truly felt like an explosion of goodness.

Overall, this is actually my favorite sushi restaurant of all the sushi restaurants where I’ve dined, hands down. Please, please take the time to check it out the next time you’re in Orlando.

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